Discover incredible, handmade art from an independent artist Preethi Mathialagan (Pret) who puts passion and hard work into creating unique, colorful abstracts. With a lifetime of dedication and experience creating larger scale commissions, you're sure to find something special on this website. Explore the selection and make an impression with her art that is sure to shine. Let this artist put their passion to work for you.

A unique piece of luxury art, each painting in this collection is crafted with the artist's inimitable passion and vision for life, inspired by nature's artistry and a play of harmonious hues. Finely rounded with emotive notes and melodies,these works express true emotion and aesthetic. She loves the loneliness and serenity during her creation, making the final result truly special and unique.


Preethi’s “Mayil" is an original work of art that won the Viewer's Choice award at the Creating Joy Show at Susquehanna Art Museum in September 2020. Recognized for its exceptional beauty and richness in creativity.

Her painting "Veeram" was choosen for 92nd Annual Internation Juried Show by Art Association of Harrisburg Pennslyvania USA - August 2020


Some of her paintings are currently exhibited in Towne House Cafe at Downtown Harrisburg Pennsylvania owned by Todd Harlan.

For 12+ years, Preethi has been selling her artwork to customers from around the world. Her portfolio includes numerous paintings sold in North America, South America, the UK, Germany, Australia, and the UAE.


Preethi is Texas-based woman artist living with her husband and two kids. She earned 4 years Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications Engineering and has experience working in many top software companies and mobile company ( Nokia in Research and development) with high paying jobs. With a huge creative passion for art, she transitioned to a full-time artist and now owns her own art studio, art gallery, and online website. Her work is inspired by her upbringing in Bangalore, a city with a vibrant, rich culture.

The artist initially did not have a studio and used various rooms in their house, including the bedroom, kitchen, and laundry room, to create her paintings. She worked tirelessly to build her career in art and realized that her life revolved solely around it.

As my work expanded, we relocated to a larger space, where I now have my own studio. My mind is constantly consumed by thoughts of art and colors. I enjoy discussing art, shopping for art supplies, and even dreaming about art (which seems a bit crazy). This passion fuels my creation of numerous paintings, and I never tired of it. Despite my studio slowly filling up, I cannot resist the urge to continue painting and feel that it's not enough!"

The artist has had a lifelong interest in sketching and painting, which was put on hold during school and higher education. However, she rediscovered her passion later in life and began painting on canvas using acrylic and oil colors. Despite being busy with her babies she managed to create exceptional animal paintings during their nap times. This led to recognition of her talent and success in her artistic endeavors.

Preethi is a great fan of contemporary artists, but has a particular love for the works of Vincent Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, Mark Rothko, Claude Monet, M.F. Husain, and Jackson Pollock. She also have an appreciation for India's rich culture, particularly the rich and incredible colorful paintings based on Hindu mythology. Additionally, She is amazed by the South Indian Thanjavur paintings for their vivid colors, compositions, and use of glittering gold work.

The artist creates contemporary abstract paintings using a free style technique. Heavy professional paints with palette knives, papers, brushes, and her hands/fingers on canvas are used. Each painting takes multiple days to complete and features many layers, variations of shades,depth,strokes and textures.

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She sold her first painting to a buyer in Puerto Rico. The painting features a big vibrant yellow macaw with its wings wide open as it takes flight against a backdrop of abstract blue textures. Experiencing the thrill of flight and the joy of her artistic expression with detailed canvas work. which took a lot of time to complete, and one of her favourites.

She finds inspiration in many things, but music and colors are her main sources. Listening to the incredible compositions of Music director AR Rahman and Ilayaraja during her early days has left a lasting impact. She says "The sounds and melodies influence my mood and emotions, and I often find that my creativity flows alongside the music. The colors and textures of my work seem to harmonize with the music and my memories."

Preethi expresses a deep love for colors, finding them addictive and captivating. She is particularly drawn to the amazing nature's pallette such as the incredible white mountains, massive green forests with enormous species, colorful birds, and vibrant glowing underwater coral reefs. The artist also appreciates the diverse colors and depth found in satellite images of the earth, as well as in the universe and galaxies. Overall, the artist finds the beauty of colors to be a magical experience for her heart and eyes.


Preethi's experiences of Indian culture have influenced her abstract artwork. From rich Indian weddings to colorful festivals, the artist has been exposed to a variety of cultural traditions and practices. These experiences have included the art of kolam, which involves creating intricate designs with limestone, rice flour, and red brick powder in front of the house. She has also been inspired by the grand silk sarees made with rich pigments and silver/gold silk thread, as well as the diverse architectural styles and cultural observations she has encountered while traveling from east to west. All of these experiences have contributed to the her unique perspective and artistic expression.


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