Artist- Preethi Mathialagan(1982)

I live in Pennsylvania, USA with my husband and two little kids. I have earned a Bachelor degree in Telecommunication Engineering. I was born and raised  in Bangalore, India, a country with rich colors and culture.

From my childhood days I love to draw and sketch. I was always interested in sketching/painting during my schooI breaks. After my high school I was very busy with my college and job. I worked in major Mobile companies as Quality Assurance Engineer. When I came down to USA in 2009 had an opportunity to try painting on canvas using acrylic and oil colors. From 2012 I started to sell my paintings online. So far I have created more than 550 artworks and sold more than 250.

I am an entirely self taught and independent artist, all my artwork are in my private collection in USA, UK, Autralia, Canada. Each paintings are filled with my passion for life, my vision of this world, the nature, beautiful colors around me and the perception of people along with my emotions. I never knew I could adore doing something so much which would end up with a beautiful colors on the canvas.

Artist Statement

I have love for colors and I see objects as vibrant patterns, textures and palettes. For me life is a colorful and beautiful experience that is to be enjoyed to its fullest. I get into active meditation mode when I hold my paintbrush and palette. I express my emotions and visions through colors on the canvas. I love the loneliness and serenity during the creation. I try to keep the viewers mind fresh with positive energy using bright bold and beautiful color combinations. 

I create Unique Contemporary Modern Paintings with different shades of beautiful colors in my style. I work with palette knifes and brushes using heavy acrylic professional paints on primed canvas. For some details I also use my fingers to get the patterns and shades I want. Each artwork takes many days to complete. My paintings are carefully blended with layers of intense hues and variation of dark/light shades with lot of textures and brush strokes. I paint almost every day to explore different color combinations, ideas and uniqueness.



My artwork 'Carefree' featured in the famous Warner Bros-NBC series 'Blindspot'



Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunication, Bangalore India 2004



Creating Joy at Susquehanna Art Musuem, Harrisburg Pennslyvania USA- On view in the Lehr Gallery May 30 – September 20, 2020

AAH Community Exhibition at the Highmark, Harrisburg Pennslyvania USA- 2014

AAH Community Exhibition at the new Capital Medical Centre, Harrisburg Pennslyvania USA- 2013

Haldeman Mansion art event at Elizabethtown Pennslyvania USA- 2013



Towne House Café, Harrisburg Pennsylvania USA- 2017


Artworks created and sold by year:

2012: Created 29 - Sold 1

2013: Created 40 - Sold 10

2014: Created 79 - Sold 13

2015: Created 126 - Sold 108

2016: Created 85 - Sold 45

2017: Created 60 - Sold 27

2018: Created 25 - Sold 37

2019: Created 105 - Sold 15

2020: Created 31 - Sold 7... and ongoing