About me

Preethi Mathialagan (Pret)
Texas, USA 

I am an entirely self-taught and independent artist; I have created this website to display my work to the world. All the paintings listed in this site are my original and handmade work. I have spent my entire life focusing and chasing my dreams. I have also created many commissions on largescale. I am extremely passionate and love painting bigger size colorful abstracts. My brain is always busy thinking of beautiful colors. All my creations are very personal to me. I work hard day and night to make new works of colors and also work on many custom size artworks. I keep updating my website to make my clients easy to view and buy my work. I truly enjoy my journey of art. Scroll down to know more about me.

Each painting is filled with my passion for life, my vision of this world, wonderful sounds and music, natures art, beautiful colors around me along with my emotions.

For me life is a colorful and beautiful experience that is to be enjoyed to its fullest. I always listen to the most beautiful music/sounds during my creation process and i get into the colorful pallette of musical world with lots of vision, emotions and energy.

My artwork "Mayil" won the Viewer's choice price in the Creating Joy Show at Susquehanna Art Musuem - September 2020.

My painting "Veeram" has been selected in 92nd Annual Internation Juried Show by Art Association of Harrisburg Pennslyvania USA - August 2020


My paintings are currently exhibited in Towne House Cafe at Downtown Harrisburg Pennsylvania owned by Todd Harlan.

I have been creating and selling my artwork for more than 12 years, I have sold lots of paintings online. I have sold to customers from North America, South America, UK, Germany, Australia, UAE!


I create contemporary abstract Paintings with different shades of colors in my free style. I use mostly heavy acrylic professional paints with palette knifes, papers, brushes and my hands/fingers on canvas. Each artwork takes many days to complete. My paintings will have lots of layers and variation of dark/light shades with lot of textures and strokes. 

artist studio

 I always had immense love for colors. Beautiful colors makes me so additive and crazy :). The satellite pictures of the earth with those stunning colors/depth are mind blowing. Amazing nature's pallette - white mountains, gorgeous sun shades on the moving clouds and sky during the sunset and sun rise, massive green forest with enormous species and colorful birds. The bright colored and glowing underwater coral reefs, iceburgs, the universe and galaxies, the naturally formed valconos, beaches, rocky mountains and flowers with brilliant colors. Its such a magical feeling to your heart and eyes.


artist at work, studio at texas